First Blog Post || Snow Day!

I’ve wanted to start a personal blog for a long time, but honestly? I’ve always considered myself a little too flighty to maintain something that would need to be regularly updated in order to mean anything–typically I’ll get inspired, start a project, and then forget about it 3 days later. Plus, who DOESN’T have a blog these days? Why would someone even be interested in reading what I post?

So now that I’ve explained to you why you shouldn’t bother reading my blog (probably not a great idea for an introductory post), let me explain why I finally decided to go for it.

I want to share things that inspire me. Whether it’s a yummy recipe, new music, books, film, thoughts–anything that I feel might interest others as well.

As for today, I’m currently stuck inside due to snow–and I am perfectly okay with that.


It’s gone from picturesque to a little slushy and icy outside, but I still love it. Mostly because it gives me a good excuse to stay in, sip on my favorite tea, and catch up on T.V. (in other words, preparing like a crazy person for the Mad Men premiere in April!)

Can’t go wrong with a day that fosters relaxation and rest. In fact, if the snow keeps me in for another day, I won’t be disappointed. : )